Here are some commonly asked questions. If you don't find your answer here, you may email me at 
​or phone me at 479-216-1537

1- What ages are allowed in the classes?
Open classes are ages 14 and up.
Private kids parties are available also.

2- What size are the classes?
Minimum of 5 and maximum of 25.

3- What is the painting fee per person?
Usually $20 per person. Private parties outside the studio are $25 per person, and the Paint Your Pet parties are $40 per person.

4- Do you offer private parties? 
Yes, just contact me to set up a date.

​5- How far will you travel to do a private party?
Up to 70 miles.

6- Can we paint something that is not shown in your gallery?
Usually. Just send your ideas to me and I will let you know for sure.

7- Will there be a cancellation fee if I cancel my private party?
Yes, if you cancel the party within 7 days there will be a cancellation fee of $5 per person (example: party of 10 people is a $50 cancellation fee).  The reason is because when a party is booked, I prepare each canvas in advance. Once a canvas has been draw on, they can not be erased enough for me to reuse for other paintings. This cancellation fee covers only my materials. It does not cover my time, which is now unavailable for other parties to be booked on that day, which constitutes additional monetary losses for me.
If you reschedule your party, the deposit/cancellation fee will be applied to your next party date if rescheduled within 60 days.

8- Do you offer commissioned paintings for private individuals and businesses?
Yes, when time permits. Let me see what you have in mind and I will quote you a price.