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​​ Youngblood Pet Portraits​​

Hello!  Thank you for visiting our website. My name is Nancy Youngblood and I am the instructor at Hometown Picassos. Classes are usually held at City Hall in Wickes, although I do also accept bookings for parties at your location. Very small private painting lessons are sometimes available at the studio in my home. Larger classes include my team of instructors, each of whom lend their own unique style. 

My painting parties are somehow FUN and RELAXING at the same time! It is fun to get together with friends and create memories that you can hang on your wall forever. It is also relaxing to get away from your day's worries and just express yourself through paint on canvas.

Don't worry if you have no talent whatsoever- my classes are aimed at folks just like you who have never painted and don't have a clue which end of the brush to dip in the paint! I draw a basic outline on everyone's canvas to get them started, then guide them through each additional step along the way. Individual help is given. You will be surprised at how easy it is!

We hope you will join us soon for some fun in the studio!

Nancy Youngblood-
Owner and instructor. When not in the studio, she can be found on the ranch- living her dream with animals, family, and nearby friends.

​Kalee Gafford-
Instructor, including private art lessons.
Mom to Oliver.

Jaymie Lott-
Instructor and photographer.
College student in animation.